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Years of Experience
Centre Mission

The centre's mission is to research advanced technologies, educate professionals, shape technology policy discourse, and build an industrial ecosystem for UAE-based solutions in emerging technologies, AI, and cybersecurity.

Our vision is to be a leading research centre that drives innovation and fosters collaboration in emerging technologies, AI, and cybersecurity. We strive to shape the future of these fields by conducting ground-breaking research, educating and training the next generation of professionals and researchers, shaping public discourse, and building an industrial ecosystem that offers innovative solutions for the global sector. We aspire to be recognized as a world-class centre of excellence that transforms lives and industries through the power of technology.

EMARATSEC Objectives

Conduct research on emerging technology and accelerate advanced research

Innovative research in security, cryptography, and emerging technologies

Educate the next generation of emerging technology, AI, and cybersecurity professionals and researchers.

Shape public discourse on the policy and legal aspects of technology development and cybersecurity.

Pushing boundaries with cutting-edge research in multiple fields

Transforming the future of technology with rigorous analysis and design

Building a safer and more secure world through research and innovation

Empowering society with advanced technology solutions and insights

Pioneering research at the intersection of technology, security, and society

Creating real-world impact with ground-breaking research and development

EMARATSEC Objectives

1. Pursue advanced research in emerging technology

  • a. Continuously push the boundaries by introducing cutting-edge research across multiple disciplines, such as AI, cryptology, and security.
  • b. Champion pioneering research at the intersection of technology, financial resiliency, security, and society to drive economic value.
  • c. Lead the transformation of technology through rigorous analysis and innovative approaches.

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2. Create real-world impact through groundbreaking research and development

  • a. Support the development of cutting-edge software and the design and fabrication of hardware for emerging technologies that contribute to valuable economic impact.
  • b. Establish and invest in funds to support research and innovation projects focused on emerging technologies, enhancing financial resilience, and areas of economic prosperity.
  • c. cultivate and nurture industrial ecosystems, value chains, and startups. Especially those with the potential for significant economic value and impact in bringing emerging technologies to market.

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3. Foster Innovation and Collaboration in Emerging Technologies through Prototyping and Global Engagement

  • a. Provide a platform for full-scale prototyping of science, technology, and industry in cutting-edge fields such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and quantum computing.
  • b. Cultivate innovation and cooperative efforts among a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including scientists, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers, both regionally and globally.
  • c. Endeavour to play a pivotal role in fostering the social and economic prosperity of both the UAE and the international community by proactively engaging with the challenges and prospects presented by these emergent technologies.

4. Shape public discourse concerning the policy, regulations, and legal aspects of emerging technology development.

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5. Foster a safer and more secure world through ongoing research and innovation with a focus on resiliency and economic development.

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6. Empower society by providing insights on future foresights, advanced technology solutions, and valuable insights.

7. Educate the next generation of emerging technology, AI, and cybersecurity professionals and researchers.

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Meet Our Team

People behind our success

Sumesh Manjunath R

PhD Candidate in Computer Science Engineering

Hebatallah M. Ibrahim

Research assistant in New York University Abu Dhabi

Faisal Hameed

Research Assistant PhD Candidate

Asrar Rashid

Research Assistant

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