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Hebatallah M. Ibrahim

Hi, I am Hebatallah M. Ibrahim

Research assistant in New York University Abu Dhabi

Research assistant in New York University Abu Dhabi and the Emerging Advanced Research Acceleration for Technologies, Security, and Cryptology Research Lab and Center(EMARATSEC)

Hebatallah M. Ibrahim has 9 years of experience in research and development. She worked in several fields on different project widening her scope of research. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from the German University in Cairo then she joined the Institute Center for Future Energy Systems (iFES) in Masdar Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) to study the complexity and intricacy of the control systems for hybrid smartgrids. She earned a scholarship from Masdar Institute to pursue her Master’s degree and graduated with distinguished honors. She continued her research on enhancing the communication infrastructure security and the utility maximization for the Demand-Side Management. Then joined the center for cyber security in New York University to further study the vulnerabilities of smart systems. IoT systems currently impact different aspects of people’s daily life that requires substantial connectivity of devices and massive data transfer. In this environment, it is essential to encrypt those communication links to secure such sensitive information. Hebatallah M. Ibrahim worked designing cryptographic primitives in hardware to support building lightweight, trustworthy and efficient cryptographic primitives. Also, performed cryptanalysis of cryptographic primitives through using machine learning analysis to verify the robustness of the designed cryptographic primitives.

Hebatallah M. Ibrahim is currently a research assistant in New York University Abu Dhabi and EMARATSEC group. She is a member of Women in Cryptography which aims to empower women majoring in cryptography around the world and provide helpful resources. Before joining New York University Abu Dhabi, she served as a research associate in the United Arab of Emirates University in and as a research assistant in Khalifa University.

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