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Sumesh Manjunath R

Hi, I am Sumesh Manjunath R

PhD Candidate in Computer Science Engineering
Sumesh is a dedicated and accomplished individual currently pursuing a PhD with a profound passion for Applied Cryptography and Power Side Channel Analysis. Sumesh’s research efforts revolve around the intriguing intersection of Side Channel Analysis and Statistical Cryptanalysis, where he is striving to create practically secure cryptographic primitives. His academic journey has been marked by notable achievements, including winning the Best Thesis Award during his Masters for pioneering work on developing new Authenticated Encryption Modes from Pseudo Random Function and Pseudo Random Permutation. In addition to his academic pursuits, Sumesh brings a wealth of practical experience to the table, with four years of industry research background. His industry projects have spanned diverse areas, ranging from privacy tools for passwords within organizations to email data analytics. Sumesh’s genuine curiosity extends to cutting-edge Privacy Preserving technologies, with a particular interest in Zero Knowledge Proofs. His impressive blend of academic excellence and industry expertise undoubtedly positions him as a valuable asset to the field of cryptography and privacy preservation.